Currently, we are studying through the book of Romans on Thursday nights at 7 pm.

Prepare for next week’s study of Romans 3:1-20 by reading and answering these questions:

  • What are the potential objections Paul raises in verses 1-8? Why do they matter? How does he answer those objections?
  • What is the purpose of the Old Testament quotations in verses 9-18? How do verses 9 and 19 help us to understand them?
  • What is the verdict on the human race by 3:20? How should this affect our attitude towards ourselves? How should this affect our attitude towards those who aren’t Christian?


Outline of Romans

Introduction – 1:1-17

Statement of the Problem and Solution – 1:18-4:25

  • The Problem: God’s wrath at our unrighteousness – 1:18-3:20
  • God’s Solution: Justification by faith – 3:21-4:25

Explanation – 5:1-11:36

  • What it means to be justified by faith – 5:1-8:39
  • How the Gospel for all fits with God’s plan for the Jews – 9:1-11:36

Implication – 12:1-15:13
Closing Remarks – 15:14-16:27