The Bible uses several metaphors to describe the relationship between believers and their local church body: members of the family of God, citizens of the kingdom of heaven, living stones within the temple of God, and members of the body of Christ, to name a few. All of these biblical images highlight the fact that Christians are to relate to one another in a way that is highly committed and deeply interdependent. One of the ways we express this type of relationship is through membership. Membership is a way of saying, “I am declaring myself to be formally committed to this local church community.”

Membership isn’t something for “extra-committed” Christians – it’s the natural next step for anyone who considers Anchor to be his or her spiritual home. As such, if Anchor is “your church,” we highly encourage you to formalize that commitment through membership. If you’re trying to figure out if Anchor is for you, the membership process is a great way to explore and find out more about what Anchor stands for.

So, you’re ready to join? Here’s what you need to do:

Review the Membership Matters Guide

You’ll find our key convictions, member’s covenant, and statement of faith at the back of this booklet. It’s not necessary that you have a theology degree to join, but you need to be familiar with the teaching of our church. In the booklet you can become familiar with the basic requirements for membership. You may pick up a copy of Membership Matters at church. Everyone who joins agrees to the member’s covenant (which is discussed in Membership Matters).

Schedule a meeting with Pastor

Don’t worry! There’s no quiz over the statement of faith. Pastor Lamb would love to get to know you better and hear how you became a Christian and when you were baptized. If you need to be scripturally baptized, Pastor can help you plan for baptism at an upcoming service. He’ll also answer any questions you have about the church. Use a “Connection Card” or call the church office to set up a meeting.

Presentation to the Church

After meeting with pastor, you’ll be presented to the church family and voted in by the members of the church at the next member’s meeting.