Member’s Covenant

A covenant is what we would use to describe the vows between a husband and his wife, and between God and his people. Our covenant expresses what it means to be a part of the church. The member covenant is not a legal document or some sort of cultic rite. It is an affirmation, an agreement, and a source of accountability for both the church and its individual members.

We commit to living under the authority of Jesus Christ so that our lives display Christian love and personal holiness.

We commit to regular Bible study accompanied by prayer for this church, our brothers and sisters in Christ, the pastors, and the lost who need the Savior.

We commit to faithfully assemble with this body of believers, striving to maintain unity and doing all we can to stimulate love and good deeds in others.

We commit to support the teaching of the church, submitting ourselves to the authority of Scripture.

We commit to always be willing to both give and receive correction and instruction with meekness and in love.

We commit to consistently contribute, as good stewards of God’s blessings, to maintain and advance our local and worldwide ministry of spreading the gospel.

We commit to teach biblical truth to our family and acquaintances, as God gives opportunity, with a desire to see them believe the gospel and be saved.

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