Service Review Evaluation Form
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Service Review Evaluation Form
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Sunday Review - Evaluation Form

Overall Readiness - Our goal is to keep God and people the focus on Sundays by preparing as best as we can so that very little time is spent Sunday fiddling with “stuff.” How did that go and how can it improve?

  • Were the facilities clean, nice smelling and distraction-free?
  • Were bulletins, connection cards, visitor gifts, etc. ready and in their proper place?
  • Did you miss any ministry opportunities due to lack of equipment, training, communication or supplies?

Morning Bible Classes - Our goal is to teach our members important “how” and “why” lessons about the Christian life in a classroom environment. This is an important complement to the expositional sermon.

  • Was the Bible instruction accurate? Useful? Relevant? Complementary? Understandable? Engaging?
  • Did the Bible teacher encourage you to participate? Were their materials/aids helpful?
  • Did the lesson stay focused and reach a meaningful conclusion/application?

Worship Service: Singing - Our goal is to sing biblical songs to one another that worship God and teach us about Him, specifically as it relates to the text of the sermon. How did that go and how can it improve?

  • Could you sing the songs confidently? Were they familiar and in a comfortable key?
  • Did the singing prepare you to worship God in Spirit and in Truth?
  • Did the songs “make sense” and help you meditate on the point(s) of the sermon?

Worship Service: Prayers - Our goal is that corporate prayers be thoughtful, sincere, and instructive representations of corporate prayer found in Scripture. Our prayers should be prepared with intention to fulfill a specific purpose.

  • Did the opening prayer of praise direct your worship to God as revealed in the Scripture read?
  • Did the pastoral prayer of petition make you consider true spiritual needs?
  • Did the offertory prayer of thanksgiving help you to thank God for His many good gifts?

Worship Service: Transitions - The service leader is responsible for connecting the elements of the service together and interpreting them to the congregation.

  • Did the songs, announcements, offering, etc. flow smoothly? Was anything possibly confusing?
  • Were comments from the service leader brief but valuable? Could anything been explained better?

Worship Service: Sermon - The goal of the sermon is to make plain the meaning of the text of Scripture and apply its truth to our lives.

  • Was the sermon faithful to the text of the Bible? Were the sermon points and illustrations helpful?
  • Did you understand how the text applied to you? Did you understand your responsibility?

Worship Service: Offering - The goal of the offering is to recognize with thanksgiving that all we have comes from God. Did the song, prayer and offertory reflect this?