April 14, 2019

Responding to the Truth

Passage: Acts 5:21-42
Service Type:
1. The Council: Attacking the Truth - vs. 21-28
2. The Apostles: Affirming the Truth - vs. 29-32
3. Gamaliel: Avoiding the Truth - vs. 33-39
4. The Church: Announcing the Truth - vs. 40-42
Application Questions:
1. Have you ever faced any opposition because of Jesus? What happened and how did you respond?
2. When is it right to disobey civil authority? Should Christians try to topple an evil ruler (such as Hitler)?
3. How often do you refer to Jesus’ death and resurrection? When should it come up?
4. Is all “success” a result of God’s involvement and is all “failure” the result of God’s absence?
5. Is it possible to take a neutral position about following Jesus?
6. What does this text call our church to do? What does that look like on a daily/weekly basis and what is your personal role?

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