July 14, 2019

Gospel Expansion

Passage: Acts 8:1-4
Service Type:

We can see that trouble in Jerusalem led to the expansion of the gospel. Satan always seeks to destroy and to hinder God's work, but Jesus promises that his church will not be defeated. Can God use a difficult situation to prompt your growth? Yes! In fact, some difficulties are designed specifically by God for our growth.

Application Questions:
1. Agree/disagree: A good dose of persecution would be healthy for the American church.
2. How can we know if we’re truly suffering for the gospel or if we’re suffering because we’re being obnoxious and insensitive?
3. Has God used a difficult situation to prompt you to make beneficial changes? Give an example.
4. How does a change in our circumstances change our roles as Christ's ambassadors?
5. Why should every Christian preach the Word? How can we encourage one another to embrace this responsibility?

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