March 24, 2019

A Generous Church

Passage: Acts 4:32-37
Service Type:
1. We must be Changed by the Gospel we Profess - vs. 32
2. A Changed Life is a Powerful Witness - vs. 33
3. A Changed Life is a Selfless Life - vs. 34-37
Application Questions:
1. How can we develop a greater sense of community and unity? What are the boundaries of Christian unity?
2. Should we give to someone who is being irresponsible with his use of money? What guidelines should we follow?
3. American Christians are weighed down with the forces of materialism, consumerism and  wealth accumulation. How can we smash the idol of wealth?
4. Think of ways in which wealth can be a wonderful servant of the gospel, but a dangerous master in our lives.
5. Do you believe God is fully committed to meeting all your needs all the time and that you can therefore dare to be generous—and even reckless from the world’s point of view—with your possessions?

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