Health Update

You are welcome to worship with us this Sunday at 10:30 AM and 5 PM. Please connect with us if you have any questions. If you are unable to come, we will continue to live stream the services

Next Sunday (9/6/20) we will begin gathering indoors for our Sunday morning (10:30 AM) and evening (5 PM) services.

We are fully committed to honoring God’s Word as a church. Christians bear a responsibility to obey the government (Rom. 13), while recognizing Christ’s authority over the church is outside of the control of any earthly government (Acts 4:26). Thankfully, our government is quite different than most throughout history. In the USA, we are not ruled by the force of one, but by the voice of democracy as expressed and regulated in our founding documents: the Constitution and Bill of Rights. When our elected government leaders overstep their delegated authority, we have not only the right but the responsibility as good citizens to push back and put them in their place.

Throughout this pandemic, the State and local governments in California have consistently failed to recognize the essential function and constitutional rights of churches. Most recently, the state’s new color-coded Blueprint for a Safer Economy severely restricts church functions for the foreseeable future. Specifically, the State allows individuals to assume an increased risk of infection to visit casinos, fly on planes, attend in-person college classes, and participate in protests; but prohibits them from assuming the same risk in order to participate in indoor church gatherings. With no end of these unreasonable restrictions in sight, we are taking a stand now, along with multitudes of other churches around the state, to advocate for the rights of churches.

In closing, we wish to restate that the coronavirus threat, while minimal, is real and we will continue implementing nationally accepted safety protocols. For those attending our services, we ask you to monitor your own health and if you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home and watch the livestream of the service. While attending the services, please (1) wear a face covering, (2) practice physical distancing, and (3) wash/sanitize your hands regularly.

We look forward to worshiping indoors together this Sunday!